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24 Hour In-House Monitoring:

Alarmsmith, Inc. offers 24 hour in-house monitoring, for complete peace of mind.  With no long-term contracts involved, you can use this service for as long a time as you need.

Security Systems today can do more than just detect intruders. With today’s security systems you can assign each employee an individual arm/disarming code that can be changed, removed or added as needed. We also provide the option of receiving monthly open/close reports, which notify you of all activities regarding your alarm system. We can also notify you if your home/business alarm has not been activated by a certain time. Additionally, we offer UL monitoring services to those who may need or want it.

No phone line?  We have a solution!

A phone line is required to receive alarm communications. However if your home or business does not have phone lines or if you are planning on eliminating your phone lines, we offer a system that uses cellular transmission to send a signal. This way our monitoring station will receive a signal just like there is a phone line in place.

Cellular Back-Up Systems:

Because your alarm is relies on a phone line to send a signal,  it is often a good idea to create a back up system. In the event that your phone line goes down from a potential threat, the cellular back-up system allows an extra layer of protection by sending our monitoring station a signal just as if their was a phone line.

Also Available:

  • Elevator Emergency Phone Monitoring
  • Stairwell Emergency Phone System